Garment Care

There’s a good reason why our range has been called ‘timeless’ in its style. Trends come and go – we design and construct our clothing to last. That doesn’t mean each garment doesn’t need looking after however and with a little care and some extra love you can ensure your clothing continues to look and feel its very best. 

By hand. We recommend all our items are hand-washed in cold water using a reputable wool detergent. You can then use a washing machine to gently spin away any excess water before air-drying. Lay any clothing flat and dry away from direct sunlight.

Easy does it. There’s no need to wash our clothing after every use. The organic fibres in each item naturally resist odour build-up so you can use less energy and water from washing.

Look inside. We have washing instructions printed on the care label inside each garment and, with accessories, on the printed label in the packaging.


The McDonald Guarantee

All McDonald knits are designed to endure. We know you will wear and love your McDonald piece season after season, and that might mean after a while some general wear and tear. We believe in slow fashion, not fast fashion and offer a mending service so that your loved piece can continue to be a wardrobe treasure for many many years! Get in contact with our team.

Because all McDonald products are manufactured from natural raw materials, there may be some irregularities and variations in colour and texture.  These irregularities and variations are not covered under our guarantee.