About Us

From our land. To your hands.

The McDonald story begins, with the land.

It’s a story of farming. Of seven thousand hectares of family farmland in the Waihopai Valley in New Zealand’s South Island. One of the most beautiful places in the world, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes: from rugged, merino-rearing hill country to lush, green rolling fields, to vine-clad river plains.

It’s a story of family. Of two hard working farming families intertwined by a passion for authenticity and craftsmanship. Three generations of one farming family created the McDonald brand: now the mantle has been passed to our fourth-generation farming family to continue its legacy.

It’s a story of integrity. Of the utmost commitment to exceptional quality, exquisite craftsmanship and sustainable practices: in this throwaway world, we create beautiful, timeless garments that are designed to endure.

And lastly, it’s a story of innovation. Of the finest merino wool, gloriously soft possum fur and premium Mulberry silk woven together to create an inimitable blend that is incredibly warm, beautifully soft and unashamedly luxurious.

McDonald garments are designed to wear and treasure for many, many years. For each piece is beautiful, enduring and incomparable: just like the land that created it.

Uncompromising quality, from field to fashion.

McDonald Textiles stands for uncompromising quality. It’s in all that we do. And in all that we make.

The finest materials are carefully sourced from the fields of New Zealand - merino wool and possum fur - and combined with Mulberry silk to yield an exclusive yarn that’s lighter, stronger, warmer and more luxurious than merino or cashmere alone.

Then, through the most exacting of processes and the utmost attention to detail, we transform this yarn into fashion. However, we don’t cater to the whims of fashion: rather, we make exquisite, enduring and elegant garments that surpass fashion trends and stand the test of time.

We also stand for sustainability. We use possum merino, not only because it’s incredibly warm and gloriously soft, but also because the possum is an introduced pest that destroys New Zealand’s native forests and rare birdlife.

And we strive to use sustainable practices throughout every step of our product’s journey, from our land to your hands, from field to fashion.

Our Materials

The brush tail possum is a small New Zealand marsupial with a coat of incredibly warm fur. The secret to this fur’s warmth is its hollow structure, an attribute found in only one other species – the polar bear. With air trapped inside the fibre, the fur provides sumptuous warmth, natural insulation and incredible lightness. So much so, that independent tests show when blended with merino it is 55% warmer than sheep wool and 35% warmer than Cashmere.

Pure Mulberry silk has been renowned for centuries as one of the world's most luxurious natural fibres. Made by silk worms that feed exclusively on the leaves of the Mulberry tree, this is the strongest of silks: a single strand of silk is stronger than the equivalent strand of steel. This natural strength, combined with its hypoallergenic, breathable properties means it’s as beautifully wearable as it is luxurious.

All leather used on our garments is hand-washable, genuine lambskin leather. This is the softest and supplest of leathers and is regarded as the only choice for crafting luxury clothing that will withstand the test of time.

Our Values

Our values inform every aspect of our day-to-day work, ensure our garments are the best they can be and propel our company forward with clarity and purpose.

We believe in delivering honesty and integrity to every transaction and relationship, focusing on each and every customer to create value that exceeds expectations. We’re provide an inclusive, positive work environment and we’re passionate about treating everyone ethically, whether employee, customer, stockist or supplier.

We recognise that time is precious and waste is unacceptable. We’re passionate about the greater environment and strive to deliver sustainably focused systems across all aspects of our business. Just as importantly, our garments are designed to last, thanks to the quality of our materials and the high level of care and skill that goes into our craft.

Our Team

The greater McDonald team work at our purpose-built factory in Wiri, Auckland. Our design team combines leading-edge knitwear design with the latest technology to push the boundaries on what our machines can produce: allowing our brand to lead the field in both quality and style. And our expert craftspeople are the best in their field, combining years of experience with a fierce passion for their craft.

We Support Tiaki - Care for New Zealand