New Zealand's Natural Treasures

March 10, 2020

New Zealand's Natural Treasures

Each year, millions of travelers from around the world come to visit New Zealand. They come here to take in the amazing range of beautiful scenes- rugged mountain terrain, pristine beaches, lush rolling green hills. They also come to experience the unique Kiwi way of life- the warmth and laid-back character we are known for, and the adventure-packed experiences we have to offer. Beyond the spectacular views and activities awaiting visitors, our beautiful land is home to many local treasures waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Below are some of our recommendations for not-to-be-missed natural New Zealand products.

Manuka & Kanuka honey

Arguably one of the most famous of Kiwi exports, Manuka honey is world-famous for its health benefits and taste. Manuka honey is produced from the flowers of the Manuka bush, and is one of the most popular Kiwi souvenirs. Lesser known, but equally intriguing, is Kanuka Honey. Kanuka honey is appearing on the radars of the health conscious and is being touted as the “new and improved manuka”, boasting a more potent concentration of arabinogalactans- the compounds which are attributed to the anti-ageing properties of honey.


The Marlborough region in the South Island produces some of the world’s finest sauvignon blanc- New Zealand’s most famous and ubiquitous wine varietal. In fact, our family farm, Tyntesfield- is a proud producer of Sauvignon blanc as well as merino wool! For red wine lovers, the Otago region on the southern end of the South Island is becoming increasing well known for its outstanding Pinot Noir, making the South Island a perfect destination for wine loving travelers. 

Possum Merino

We’ve been touting the benefits of Possum Merino for many years, and for good reason! This uniquely New Zealand natural fibre provides warmth without weight, resistance to pilling, and an incredibly soft and plush texture that is a joy to wear. The Brushtail Possum, an invasive species here in New Zealand, is ethically sourced in conjunction with government eradication efforts, and blended with Merino wool and Mulberry silk to create this unique, high-performance yarn. A popular and uniquely Kiwi product meant to be enjoyed for many years.


Kawakawa, a native New Zealand shrub, is known as the “pharmacy of the forest”. This wonder plant is one of the most important and widely used plants in traditional Maori herbal medicine and is featured in many skincare and wellness formulations- being renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic healing properties. A Kawakawa balm or soap makes a lovely and useful gift to yourself or a loved one.

New Zealand is home to a wide variety of special and unique natural resources ready to be shared with the world. For those unable to make the trip to Aotearoa, online retail options make our local treasures available worldwide. And as always, our New Zealand made Possum Merino products are available at