As the Seasons Shift: Possum Merino to the Rescue!

April 05, 2019

As the Seasons Shift: Possum Merino to the Rescue!

For many of us here in the southern hemisphere we are coming to the end of a long and beautiful summer period. While we are saying goodbye to the long, sun-soaked days and welcoming the cooler weather, we are also saying hello to snuggling up and wrapping ourselves in cozy McDonald knits.

McDonald possum merino knits are the perfect wardrobe staples for when the seasons change. Our knits are the ideal combination of timeless style, unrivalled warmth, and soft, lightweight versatility.

Loving warmth

Both possum fur and merino wool are well-known for their warming properties. However, when the two fibres are combined, this luxurious blend becomes 55% warmer than regular sheep’s wool and 35% warmer than cashmere.

This unrivalled warmth is due to the fibre structure of the individual yarns, especially possum fur, which traps heat within tiny chambers, ensuring that you lose very little body heat as you enjoy our beautiful knits.

Despite all this talk about warmth, possum merino also holds a place in your wardrobe during early autumn, when temperatures are fickle, and days can shift between warm and cool. The secret to the amazing dual-nature of possum merino lies in the fact that it can release heat and moisture when you are hot, actively reacting to changes in your body temperature and the environment. Incredible!

Whisper-light and soft

Possum merino’s unique fibre structure creates knitwear that is both amazingly warm and incredibly lightweight. Because of possum fur’s thermos-like fibre structure and the super-fine nature of merino wool, McDonald possum merino holds claim to being one of the lightest, softest and warmest fabrics on the market.

Classic style

While there is no doubt in possum merino’s ability to keep you warm and comfortable during the winter months, our knits also look great while working hard. Great care and love are embedded in every step of creating our beautiful garments. Our design team is constantly on the hunt for fresh inspiration while tirelessly perfecting the classic fits and tailoring that McDonald is known for. Our craftsmen ensure that our pieces stand out from the crowd.

From our classic colourways to the little details that make our pieces sing- buttery lambskin leather trims, delicate paua shell buttons, luxurious possum fur embellishments, the McDonald name is synonymous with timeless style with substance.

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