Creating Pieces that Will Stand the Test of Time

December 19, 2018

Creating Pieces that Will Stand the Test of Time

At McDonald, we are driven to create amazingly beautiful pieces of clothing that we are sure you will cherish as they become staples within your wardrobe. With this goal driving everything we do, we take a ‘slow fashion’ approach to creating our knits.

This slow fashion philosophy is backed by several core beliefs: quality over quantity, elegant versatility and home-grown excellence. It is because of these beliefs, we are able to craft amazing pieces of clothing which we are proud to stand behind and bring to the world.  

While some clothing brands are constantly trying to create new ranges, we focus on creating high-quality knits with longevity in mind. We are not concerned with creating large lines frequently throughout the year.

Conversely, we only release a small collection each year, while maintaining our classic base range. Because we concentrate on designing and releasing a small range, we are able to take our time to design and manufacture garments which we know our customers will love. We do not try to keep up with fast fashion, and changing trends. Instead, we aim to create garments that are stylish now, beautiful in five years time and classics in ten.

As a part of this cycle, we are constantly evaluating our base range. Once a new collection is released, we still maintain and craft past garments. Unlike other companies, who completely discontinue previous collections, we keep an eye on what knits our customers are still loving and which ones may not be performing too well. This allows us to continuously manufacture the pieces you love.

With that in mind, we design every collection, every knit with versatility in mind. Our aim is to create pieces which you can wear with any outfit or occasion. Whether you want to dress them up for a formal night out or dress it down for a walk on the waterfront, our knits will match the situation. This versatility makes them perfect for travelling, as they simplify the entire packing process. You will no longer need to pack several options or layer your daily outfits, instead, our knits will have you covered.  

We know that once you get your hands on your new McDonald knits you will fall in love and wear them endlessly. Which may mean, there is a bit of general wear and tear. That is why we offer a comprehensive mending service to extend the life of your beloved piece.  

What makes McDonald pieces so luxurious and versatile is the amazing natural fibres we use in our blend. At our core, we use 100% naturally sourced merino wool, possum fur and mulberry silk.

Because these are all naturally occurring fibres we have a seemingly endless supply of beautiful materials to design and craft our knits from. From the merino sheep which roam freely on some of the most picturesque high country farmland, to the ethically sourced possum fur, sustainability and preservation are always at the forefront.

While fast fashion brands may be able to produce high quantities often, we believe that all good things come in time.

We are proud of our Kiwi heritage. Our story began in New Zealand and we are proud to say that it is where our present and future lies. This allows us to stay true to our roots and core values which inspires us to constantly create amazing pieces. All our McDonald knits are designed and manufactured in-house and we take great pride in producing beautiful garments you will treasure for many years.

At McDonald, we pride ourselves on crafting the most amazing and beautiful possum merino knits we can. When you purchase one of our luxurious pieces, you are getting your ultimate bang for your buck.

We love and take pride in the pieces we create and we are sure once you receive your McDonald knits you will fall in love. Not only in the clothing themselves, but also in the story and standards behind our knits.

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