Possum Merino Accessories - Beautiful, Timeless, Superior Comfort

February 22, 2019

Possum Merino Accessories - Beautiful, Timeless, Superior Comfort

As seasons shift and the air becomes crisp and cool, we reach for accessories that help us ward off the chill that settles into our bones. Oftentimes, however, the gloves and hats that we reach for are afterthoughts, pieces that while serviceable and keep us somewhat protected from the elements, don’t keep us as comfortable and stylish as we would wish.

While you may know the McDonald name for our timeless range of jackets, cardigans, and wraps, we also carry a wonderful range of scarves, gloves, and hats that are the perfect marriage of warm comfort and beautiful design to complement any outfit.

Perfect as a gift for a loved one or a small present to yourself, our versatile accessories are a great way to add a touch of beauty and luxuriousness to even the most basic of outfits. Made with the highest quality New Zealand possum merino, our accessories are perfect for sparking joy on the greyest and coldest of days.  

Our possum merino is an innovative fibre that combines the strengths of three extraordinary materials - possum fur, merino wool, and mulberry silk. The unique structure of this fibre creates an incredibly soft and warm material that is not only lightweight but wicks away moisture, giving you added comfort and odour resistance.   

If you are looking to incorporate this amazing material into your wardrobe, below are a few of our favourite accessories that we are sure will be enjoyed for years to come.

Possum Merino Gloves 

Our gloves are the perfect way to keep your hands warm and comfortably protected. Available in many colours and styles.


Possum merino Reversible Two Toned Beanie

A must-have in any wardrobe is our Reversible Two Toned Beanie, which comes in an array of beautiful colours. Our possum merino blend ensures that your head will feel neither too hot or cold as it insulates from the cold while releasing excess heat and moisture.     


Possum Merino Ombre Snood

One of the favourites of the 2018/19 collection, our gorgeous Ombre Snood comes in six different colours- perfect for matching any outfit.

Possum Merino Multi-Tone Throw Rug

Whether on a picnic enjoying a beautifully clear night or rugged up next to a fire, our Multi-Tone Throw is a cozy and luxurious addition to your household.

Possum Merino Check Scarf with Lambskin Trim

This handsome scarf is a favourite of our customers. A classic pattern trimmed with high-quality genuine lambskin, this is a perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. 


Possum Merino Broad Check Scarf

Our modern take on the classic tartan look, our beautiful Check Scarfs come in four lovely colours that we are sure will become a favourite piece in your collection.

These are just a few of our favourite accessories from our 2018/19 collection and classic staples range. With a number of other styles and options available, we are confident you will fall in love with our accessory range.

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