Possum Merino Wool: The Sustainable Way to Keep Warm

June 11, 2018

Possum Merino Wool: The Sustainable Way to Keep Warm

When you are wrapped in the beautifully elegant McDonald range, you can be confident that the 100% natural fibres will stand the test of time. Sustainable fashion isn’t fast fashion, it’s an investment in your style and comfort and the future of New Zealand’s ecosystem.

This makes the stunning collection not only timeless fashion but luxurious, warm and practical clothing for any occasion.  

Luxurious warmth

McDonald possum merino is a unique blend of light possum fur, soft merino wool and luxurious mulberry silk. These materials are known for their incredibly soft and breathable properties. Not only is the blend wonderfully warming and soft to touch, it is also extremely lightweight, making it the perfect blend for your wardrobe in the cooler months.

The Merino sheep has a unique crimped appearance which cleverly traps warmth by creating tiny pockets of air. This also makes the material lightweight and breathable.

The warmth of possum fur is also attributed to its fibre structure. Possum fur has a wonderfully evolved structure, similar to a polar bear. It is hollow to trap air like a thermos to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

When combined, not only does it create one of the most luxurious, incredibly soft natural fabrics on the planet, it is 55% warmer than sheep wool and 35% warmer than cashmere alone.

Our garments are made with the finest possum fur making them less inclined to pill. Your beautiful collection can be enjoyed season after season.

High-quality, ecological and sustainable fashion

Merino sheep continue to grow their coat year on year making the wool a completely natural and sustainable product. Merino wool, mulberry silk and possum fur are all natural products making our clothing completely biodegradable over time.

We do not believe in disposable fashion to last the latest trend. We only select the finest quality yarn and lovingly stitch each piece to last season after season. The result is a resilient blend that is soft to touch and kinder to nature.

The wonderful breathable properties of Merino wool also naturally resist bacteria and odour retention which means less washing and water for your garments.

The ethical way to wear fur

Fur has rightly been a controversial topic in the fashion industry for years. But what if that fur was a by-product of an animal which is being eradicated for reasons beyond fashion?

Possums are not farmed for their fur. Quite the opposite! The brushtail possum was introduced to New Zealand in the 1850s but the lack of natural predators has allowed them to multiply at an uncontrollable rate.

Drastic action is needed to control the 21,000 tonnes of flora being consumed every 24 hours, threatening indigenous plants and animals including the endangered kiwi bird.

Animal lover or not, no forest can grow at a rate to sustain this rapid consumption. These certified pests are the reason behind New Zealand’s biggest eradication campaign to give this beautiful country a chance at regaining its ecosystem.

Possum fur is a by-product of this necessary population control. We only use possum fur from ethically reputable sources.

The source and process of all brushtail possum fur used in McDonald garments comply with New Zealand legislation, including the Animal Welfare Act 1999 as well as The New Zealand Fur Council Best Practice Guidelines.

Fashion trends come and go. McDonald fashion is beautifully crafted to offer luxurious, natural garments that stand the test of time.