Why Possum Merino Wool is the Best Choice for Your Winter Wardrobe

June 05, 2018

Why Possum Merino Wool is the Best Choice for Your Winter Wardrobe

When you combine the highest quality merino with ethically sourced possum fur you create one of the most luxurious fibres in the world.

Possum merino is not only simply stunning and luxurious. It is incredibly lightweight, warm and versatile making it an essential item for every winter wardrobe.

Possum merino is very easy to maintain and its versatility and breathable properties make it the perfect choice for your wardrobe during the cooler months.

Unrivalled warmth

Merino wool is universally known for its warming properties and soft, lightweight nature. When combined with possum fur, the result is a one of a kind, luxurious blend that is 55% warmer than sheep wool and 35% warmer than cashmere alone.

The fibre structure of possum fur traps and locks heat in its small chambers. This hollow thermos like structure is similar to a polar bear.

Beautiful soft, lightweight texture

The McDonald winter range is made from a beautiful combination of merino wool, possum fur and mulberry silk, which makes our garments luxuriously warm and unbelievably soft.

Due to the structure of both possum fur and merino wool, the blend has an incredible warmth to weight ratio so can be enjoyed without the need for lots of layers to keep you warm.

You can stay looking elegant throughout winter without the bulky clothing.

Perfect for all conditions

Possum merino is an extremely versatile blend, that is ideal for all weather conditions and climates.

The unique structure of possum fur makes it ideal for winter conditions as it is water resistant. In addition, merino wool is also known to perform extremely well when wet and does not become heavy or uncomfortable, and it will continue to lock in heat.

The natural blend is also breathable and works as a temperature regulator so you won’t overheat. This makes it perfect for transitioning from day to night.  


The McDonald winter range is created from 100% natural and sustainable sources. Our possum fur is ethically sourced and the New Zealand Fur Council and the Department of Conservation agree fur recovery is one of the solutions to protect our forests from the destruction of these pests.

Merino sheep thrive in high altitudes and continue to grow their coat year on year, making the wool a completely natural and sustainable product. Our blend of merino wool, mulberry silk and possum fur are all natural products making our clothing completely biodegradable over time.

Timeless beauty

Possum merino is a one of a kind fabric that is unrivalled in its luxurious feel and warming nature. We lovingly craft each stitch so your winter collection can be enjoyed year after year.