Why You Should Choose Natural Fibres over Synthetic

October 26, 2018

Why You Should Choose Natural Fibres over Synthetic

In recent years, there has been a massive shift in the type of clothing materials people prefer. A lot of people have shifted away from synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, towards natural fibres, such as wool, linen and silk.

The benefits of choosing natural fabric over synthetic ones range from health reasons, sustainability and environmental concerns and longevity benefits.

Below we outline the key advantages of wearing natural fabrics, many of which our beautiful possum merino garments provide.

They are breathable

A lot of natural fabrics are extremely breathable and excellent at absorbing excess moisture. This is due to the fibre structure of these fabrics. In most natural fabrics, the fibres are fairly hollow. This allows them to be highly permeable, meaning that any excess heat or odour is passed through the fabric instead of being held in against the body.

In contrast, synthetic materials tend to lock in extra heat thus do a very poor job at helping to keep the body at a comfortable temperature.


Natural fabrics, such as wool, silk and cotton, are wonderful because they are naturally hypoallergenic and possess anti-bacterial characteristics. Which makes them perfect for people that may have sensitive skin or allergies.

Unlike synthetic materials which have the potential to irritate the skin and lock in unwanted odour, McDonald’s knits are lovingly soft and do not hold onto odour.

Not only do these characteristics make them perfect for clothing, but, they also make for perfect bedding, such as sheets and duvets. In fact, a lot of parents prefer to use bedding made from natural material for their newborn babies because of their hypoallergenic characteristics.

Amazing insulators

Typically, natural fabrics are self-regulating materials. This means that they are able to adapt to suit any climate.

One of the best examples is merino wool, New Zealand merino sheep are exposed to two vastly different climates. In winter they can experience temperatures below freezing and in summer temperatures as high as 32 degrees. 

This versatility makes natural clothing perfect for every climate. So, whether you are going on a summer walk or heading up the slopes, you’ll never get caught short with natural fabrics.

They are sustainable

The sustainability of wool, silk and cotton are obviously one of the major reasons why natural fabrics are widely loved and desired. With these yarns being sourced or grown from the wonders of nature.

Not only can the source of the materials be replaced, regrown or raised time and time again, it also means they are biodegradable.

However, synthetic, man-made materials are made using chemicals and industrial processes, which require a large number of harmful inputs. Not only do these inputs negatively impact the environment, but once synthetic materials are no longer required by the wearer, they are extremely hard to break down.

The benefits of clothing made from natural materials vastly outweigh those of their synthetic, man-made counterparts. You have the option to choose the products you use and what companies you support, support renewable fibres.  Vote with your money on how much you value quality over quantity.

At McDonald’s, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality natural products we can. If you would like to discover our wide range of luxurious clothing and accessories, then make sure you check out our 2018 collection.