Celebrating New Zealand’s Wealth of Beautiful Natural Fibres

March 22, 2019

Celebrating New Zealand’s Wealth of Beautiful Natural Fibres

New Zealand is truly an amazing country. Blessed with breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and innovative, friendly people, we are a unique country with many natural treasures.
Our beautiful country produces many amazing natural fibres to suit any need or situation. Whether you need the breathability and coziness of merino wool or the amazing warmth of possum fur, you will find locally produced fibres of the highest calibre.
Natural fibres carry a host of benefits over synthetic fibres- they are a sustainable and more environmentally friendly option and produce garments of higher quality than disposable fast fashion pieces. Natural fibres produce clothing that is more breathable and odour resistant, as well as more comfortable to wear. Individuals with sensitive skin may find that wearing high-quality natural fibres such as possum merino is much gentler on their skin than synthetic fibres or even regular wool.
As a result of these benefits, New Zealand’s natural fibres have long been sought after by clothing and homeware manufacturers the world over. At the top of the list are merino wool and possum fur. While both fibres have useful characteristics on their own, combined, they create a fibre that reigns supreme in warmth and durability.

Possum merino could possibly be the gold standard when it comes to natural fibres. The possum merino blend is a perfect combination between lightweight, breathable, and incredibly soft merino wool and the warmth and coziness of New Zealand’s brushtail possum fur. The resulting blend is one that exemplifies softness, comfort, and warmth. It has high pill resistance, warmth without weight, and superior softness. It surpasses cashmere’s warmth by 35% and is 55% warmer than sheep wool.
Our team takes this amazing blend and lovingly crafts a wide range of beautiful and time-tested pieces. Our pieces are conversation starters, and once you experience the comfort of possum merino, you will want to spread the word about this amazing fibre!

We love celebrating our natural resources and the bounty of New Zealand, and we hope that we can share these incredible fibres with the world. If you would like to learn more about the amazing qualities of possum merino, feel free to read some our other blog posts or shop our collection